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At BAWR, we do what we do inorder to give women across the globe the power to change their lives for the better. We believe that African women have a lot to offer in this world. We focus on empowering African women the world over to become the best version of themselves.


We partner with grassroot projects across Africa who have stories to tell therought the products they make. We give them access to a wider market audience in the diaspora which they would have otherwise not had access to.


* Our commitment is to afford African women across the globe the opportunity to pursue their dreams, whatever the dream

* Our values are strongly rooted in the notion of acknowledging difficult circumstances that women come from, working with them through the journey and refusing to be debilitated by them.


* We sell products designed and made by african women across the globe.

* We host a range of events and seminars that offer women the business know how to achieve their business goals

* We give outstanding individuals the recognition they deserve on the global stage.

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